You may be hearing about WordPress and you are interested to know about what it really is and why are there many people endorsing its use in the design of websites. This is because this tool helps not only to make you site look good and appealing, it also has complete geatures to ensure that the functionality that you want in your site will be implemented. In addition to that, WordPress recognizes that there are search engines that need to crawl and index sites and with this fact, it helps websites to become more visible to be able to rank high in search engine page results. This is the ultimate goal of WordPress SEO.

There are actually two kinds of WordPress. You may have heard but this is just a web 2.0 blog tool that anyone can use for free. On the other hand, is the tool that is available in hosting accounts for the complete development of websites under the control of the owner. The former is not technically owned by the developer because there may be advertisements included in the free blog tool. The reference to WordPress SEO here is on the latter kind.

WordPress SEO starts with the settings built in the system. With the right entries of keywords for tags, titles, descriptions, content, images, headers and other areas, it will be helpful to make search engines better understand how to categorize and index your website. When all the keywords are laid out and are used consistently in the content and the other areas mentioned, on-page SEO can support other SEO strategies for the site. To better appreciate the use of the tools and the settings mentioned above, you can start with the installation of your WordPress site with the hosting service that you have chosen. With a clear niche, you can do keywords analysis and study through some useful tools, and use the results in the site that you will be designing. When you do this, your SEO efforts will be easier.


WordPress SEO – Making Search Engine Visibility Easier

Many website owners are already aware that WordPress is one of the best tools in designing sites not only because it is easy to install and use but also because of its inherent design of being search engine friendly. There are functionalities and WordPress SEO plugins that can help make a site rank high in the search engines and be on the first pages of search results. However, aside from the plugins that can be used to monitor and improve site statistics, there are also built-in features that are useful in making the site more visible. This means that on-page WordPress SEO can be done even by those who do not have experience in web development and design. Easily, this can be started by defining the site’s permalinks. This is an important factor to make sure that search engines will not be confused as to what the content of a page will be. The best value for permalinks assignment is “/%category%/%postname%/”. This is a better structure than the “p=postid” value. With the first value, the permalinks will have the keywords that a user will enter, making the site’s chance of being searched high.

Another WordPress SEO strategy is to use descriptive titles that contain the keywords that you want to rank high for. If this is your first time to use WordPress, it will be best to always make sure that your site’s keywords are included in your titles and the corresponding tags are also entered. This is also true for page descriptions. You should also do this in your posts and site content. It will help to spread the keywords with a reasonable density. This will make your SEO efforts easier. Also, when you use images in your pages and posts, it will also be helpful to include alt and title tags for a better ranking in image results as well as the overall site visibility. When these initial steps are done, you wouldn’t need to worry about the first phase of your search engine visibility campaign.


WordPress SEO- The First Step for More Effective SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization is very important for websites to be able to reach out to their target market, generate leads and eventually convert these to sales. Being visible online does not start and end with having a website set up. It is important to ensure that the site will become visible to the search engines. This is the main purpose of SEO. There are many tools that can make SEO easier, and one of the best website platforms that support search engine visibility is WordPress. Naturally, WordPress SEO is easier compared to the other web design platforms. The user-friendliness, effectiveness and completeness of the design make it one of the best choices of web owners for launching their sites. WordPress SEO can be done in its control panel as well as outside through the various SEO plugins that can be used. However, before the more complex and advance search engine optimization techniques, it is important to start with the built-in features that can make site crawling and indexing easier and hassle free.

Starters can easily go through the control panel to assign some settings that will help in the site’s better visibility. By starting with a better choice of permalinks, followed by the inclusion of keywords in titles, tags and descriptions, up to the inclusion of alt and title tags in images, you can be assured of a well-structured site that will help in your SEO efforts. To support this on-page optimization, you can add WordPress SEO plugins that will reinforce site visibility to search engines. Keyword analysis and study will be easier if you use the right tools. With a simple search, you will see the details of the different plugins to choose from as well as reviewers’ ratings on such. When you choose the right tool, SEO will be easier to do.