Being on top of search engine page results is the main objective of SEO efforts. Some would do some black hat strategies to get to the best position. However, with the new search engine algorithms for determining the value and rank of a site, these strategies can already be considered to be ineffective. However, there are still SEO tricks that can count positively in getting to the top. Below are some of the SEO tricks that you can easily implement for your site.

Use a development tool that implements SEO setting and plugins.

One of the popular tools having these characteristics is WordPress. With the right settings for the permalinks, title, description, alt tags as well as the powerful plugins to closely monitor SEO results, your site can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines using the keywords that you want to compete on. Some think that among the many SEO tricks that you can use to increase page rank, this is a prerequisite for better implementation of the other tricks and strategies.

Consistently build quality backlinks to your site.

It is important to have other sites linking back to your site but you should not opt for exchange links. These do not have much value to the search engines. When you create reciprocal links, the link juice is diminished and it will not help in getting you to the top fast. What you can do for effective results is to actively participate in forums that are relevant to your niche. This gives an indication that your site has established presence in the sites that are already established. This will be a good point.

The above are some very basic SEO tricks and tips that you may want to consider as you start promoting your site through organic searches.