There are basic SEO tricks and tips that experienced online marketers do. These are not actually tricks because there are no special hidden ways to do these. You only have to regularly do some activities and eventually, getting to the top of search engine results page becomes an outcome that will easily happen. The two common activities that will give good results for your page rank and SERP are as follows.

Build web 2.0 backlinks

Web 2.0 sites are recognized by the search engines. These have built their page ranks and have established their credibility in the creation of blogs that provide useful and meaningful information. To take advantage of this, you can write content related to your niche and upload them in these sites and leave a link back to your site using the anchor text that you want to rank high for. These are not really SEO tricks that will give immediate results. However, in a given amount of time, the value of the link that you placed will be seen as you regularly build the links from various web 2.0 tools.

Participate in forums and discussions.

It is important for your site to be known by people who have the need for your products and service. What you should do is be a member of forums relevant to your site and be active in posting advice or sharing information that the other members can use. This is the start of establishing your credibility in the area. The key here though is your sincerity in providing useful and meaningful information and not just posting something that can be considered as a spam. If the post will not add value to the readers, it will just be seen as posting just for the sake of the link. These are part of the SEO tricks that may work at first but in the long run, they can be meaningless in as far as improving traffic to your site.