Technology has now become accessible even to the ordinary person who does not have any technical knowledge on website development and design. Anybody can easily design a website just by using the available user friendly and robust web development tools. In fact, anybody who wants to setup a site can easily implement search engine optimization or SEO techniques without having to go through the complex coding process. There are simple and basic SEO tips followed by successful marketers. Some of these are presented below.

  • Choose a platform that allows SEO.

You do not need to use a tool that is very close to the language of Internet or programming protocols. There are available web development tools that have built-in settings that accommodate search engine optimization through the inclusion of tags, sitemap generation, among others. A very common tool that allows this is WordPress. Many successful sites are designed in WordPress because of its built-in SEO capabilities.

  • Create quality content relevant to your niche.

Among the many SEO tips that you will encounter, this tip is always given because of the ability of search engines to now identify the relevance of information to what the user needs. Gone are the days when you can do keyword stuffing to trick the search engines on putting your site on top of the search results. The algorithms are getting more complex and “intelligent” that the context onto content is written are also “deciphered” and analyzed.


  • Build quality backlinks.


Backlinks are important to determine the popularity and credibility of sites. You can build backlinks through an active participation in established forums relevant to your niche. Set the signature to link to your site. You can also outsource link building which some marketers include in their SEO tips so they can concentrate on the other aspects of their business.