Search engines are now constantly improving their algorithms in determining the search engine results pages for particular keywords entered by a user. If you are a site owner who is concerned on getting to the top of search results, you have to note that there are SEO tricks and tips that you should implement to make sure that you will have an advantage over your competitors.

One of the basic SEO tricks is writing good quality content in your site. You cannot use spun content for your site because search engines are already smart enough to determine the context of the use of specific keywords. If they detect that there is keyword stuffing and the content is spun, the tendency is to have the site removed from the index or have it pushed at the lower pages of the results. This is something that nobody wants. Hence, you have to make sure to use quality and fresh content in your site and the use of keywords is within an acceptable density.

Effective SEO tricks also include submission of content to reliable and credible article directories. This is because these directories already have the credibility in the area and that they have their own screening and review process. The value from article submission efforts is centered on the article link that will be placed at the author or resource box. This link has a high premium at the eyes of search engines especially for directories with a rigid screening and submission processes. Compared to the other types of backlinks, these are the higher quality backlinks that can help in a site’s SEO campaign. Thus, instead on focusing on building links that are of low quality, it will be helpful to have good content and have them submitted to established high PR directories.