It is a given fact that sites need backlinks to increase visibility to search engines. Backlinks are like endorsement from other sites and they can be used as a measure of site popularity and stability. No matter how well-designed a site can be, if it does not have backlinks, it is like an establishment that is never endorsed by anyone.

Thus, in this information age, with very dynamic search engine algorithms, it will help to have different kinds of backlinks built for a site.One of the higher quality links that search engines put high premium on are links from web 2.0 sites. The good thing is that building web 2.0 backlinks does not require too much effort and technical knowledge.

Building web 2.0 backlinks can start with knowing the best web 2.0 sites that are recognized and given good points by search engines. These include WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Terapad, among others. What you need to do is to write content on these sites with the title, description and images optimized for the keyword that you want your site to rank high on. In addition, you should have at least 300 words of content that is very much relevant to your niche and can be useful to your readers. The backlink for the content can be included in the body by using the hyperlink button with an entry for the anchor text and the URL. With a good number of blogs or posts in each site, you can expect that within a reasonable amount of time, search engines will crawl and index the site, with your site’s backlink counted to improve site SERP.

Using the simple strategy stated above, and with at least two web 2.0 sites per day, building web 2.0 backlinks will not be a big task to do. You can expect site statistics to improve, in the long run.