After hunting around on trying to find some easy WordPress training for a few new Staff members taking on another website project, I decided to rummage through some deals and found a nice WordPress 101 Course to share around some colleagues, it went down a treat training the team and I got a certificate too!

Have a peek at the WordPress 101 Course if you’re interested in any of the following WordPress Basics, ideal for a new website owner.


Here’s the course description:

Online presence is an unavoidable element of life in this age, and if you’ve ever wanted to establish one and asked around, the most likely answer you would have gathered is to go with the easy-to-use WordPress platform.

This course deals with the ins and outs of WordPress from installation to fine tuning the settings that most people don’t even know exist!

What does it cover and why?

  1. Over 24 lectures
  2. To familiarize yourself with using the WordPress platform
  3. Anyone can attend who has an interest in building a website with WordPress


Wordpress 101