it’s yet again that wonderful time of year where Valentines Day is exactly 1 month ago and the guys finally get a dedicated day to be ‘treated’, I do find this day to be a little odd – as I don’t necessarily think Valentines Day is all about the women, if you’re a couple it’s more about you both. If you’re single then yeah normally V Day is a man’s least talked about day.

The time has come and ladies, it’s time to take some time out and get a nice steak on the go, March the 14th – here we come.

However as this has now gained almost cult status and popularity, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Steak and BJ Day!



Here’s some light reading on the subject, – Steak and Blowjob

And of course, they have an ‘Official’ website all about it, with (and I kid you not) – info around BJ’s and Cooking Steak with Tutorials!