Minecraft Error Description: Exception while updating neighbours

Have you had the error above hit upon joining your world? does the server crash and instantly kick you out? then the problem may be a rogue user or most likely some admin with a poor execution of WorldEdit, especially on a FeedTheBeast setup or something with all these mods packed in,

The most common cause for these types of issues from what I’ve seen is simply too much edited in such as wheat fields, thousands of flowers over an area, large scale potato fields or hundreds of UU Matter Machines sucking power out of Solar Panels, but it will be a recent edit/change within the world,

Now 2 simple methods exist to assist with resolving this,

The first is to simple restart the server and in the console type /stoplag this will then allow you to join the server and edit out or remove the issue, disable the power to devices or scout the area. The console will give you a rough idea what area to review depending on the world that has the most entities stopped,

Once you think you may have pinpointed the issue, send a /save-all to ensure everything is saved.

Restart the server – you should now be able to connect normally,


The second method differs slightly from above and instead of doing it server side, you can download the Minecraft map/world and use MCEdit to determine where the problem may lay,

If the /stoplag doesn’t work for you, try using a plugin such as PhysicsDisabler for Bukkit¬†which could help a lot,

PhysicsDisabler: This is a tool to disable Minecrafts block updates, item- and creature spawning with a single command. It’s useful for illegal block placements with WorldEdit or bad CraftBook-spawners, helps with most of buggy areas.

Just type /disablephysics mode on and fix the issues with WorldEdit etc and re-enable physics with /disablephysics mode off. For more details see “Usage” section.

The plugin does not affect the server performance, event-handlers will be unregistered after re-enabling block updates. So you do not have to uninstall it after use.


Command syntax: /disablephysics [ mode [on|off|region] | addregion (regionname) (worldname) [(x)|(y)|(z) (x)|(y)|(z)] | removeregion (regionname) ]

/disablephysics mode on – Disable block updates, item- and creature spawing everywhere on the server

/disablephysics mode off – Re-enable physics

/disablephysics mode region – Disable physics in selected regions


Once that’s all done you should find the server is able to shut down, restart and is again playable – no longer burning to the ground on connection with a bit of luck,

Now if none of this works then you may have a corrupt world, There are a few guides for this but the best one I found was by a chap called Pezmantbh on the Bukkit forums and this will help you fix up the corrupt or damaged chunks, Read here Рhow to fix a corrupt world РI may do a small write-up one day,