Mail-Tester is a utility created by MailPoet a popular WordPress Mailing List plugin, which allows you to send an email to a randomly generated address. Once the email is recieved you just need to click ‘Check Email’ and it returns a good set of results and done some easy visual checking,

I’ve worked with several clients recently and had to assist with Email Trust, Validation and Security. People have got blacklisted, I’ve seen emails being sent with incorrect DomainKeys setup and missing SPF Records. ¬†Showing the end user all is working correctly or where the problems are can be a chore, finding links to blacklist reports and SPF checkers. I made a effort to find something better – along came Mail-Tester,

Now whenever I need to run the basic checks on an email server I simply send the email away and check the results, it’s clear and easy to link straight back to your boss/client/wife to show the problems and additionally to prove you’ve correctly configured them afterwards,


The service will do the following for you and display it in a fantastic, easy to read way –

  • DKIM (DomainKeys) Check
  • SPF Records Check
  • RBL / Blacklist Check
  • Email Content Analysis
  • SpamAssassin Checks
  • Shows Full Email Headers
  • Image Checks (alt tags etc)
  • Linked Content Checks

After all these tests which are performed in literally under a second, you get a score displayed, Here’s mine –



In order to achieve the highest amount of email delivery you should at the very least pass all of these checks, it will never guarantee email delivery but it certainly helps getting the basics right,

Where did you rank? – Test Your Email

They also have a handy SPF and DKIM checker available here for remote testing,