WordPress Security

Security should be at the utmost priority for any website owner. With most people not focusing high on any kind of security, the chances of their website being hacked increases and thus their websites are more vulnerable in comparison to those who took all measures for better protection.

WordPress, prime target of Hackers

As WordPress is the top ranked Content Management System and is the main choice for the website owners to get their websites all over the world, the WordPress platform is the most targeted platform for all the hackers, thus the WordPress security is the most concerning part.

According to the survey, almost 70% of the WordPress installations are highly vulnerable and are subjected to higher risk from the hackers all over the world. The number of hacked WordPress websites is very high and the number of like them is always increasing with each passing day! By the time, I am writing this article, many more websites will have joined the list of hacked WordPress websites for sure!

Reasons of hacking WordPress website

There are several reasons for hacking on websites either it is a WordPress or any other. Sometimes, these websites become a victim of just fun, while more of the times, the hackers uses the server in order to send spam emails.

WordPress security

Thus, it is advised to bring the highest level of security for your WordPress websites by simply carrying some process for better security.

Hosting through a good Hosting Company

Always try to host your website through a good hosting Company, which provides almost 40% of the security through this step. Look for the company which provides the latest version of MySQL and PHP. The Company should have WordPress Security firewall and should contain all sorts of malware scanning methods and other security providing methods.

WordPress security keys and other installation settings

The WordPress security keys are the effective way to provide the encryption of the information which is generally stored in visitors’ cookies. Through the process of carrying out several installation settings, the better security can be provided in the form of hard to crack passwords and with the addition of the salt key phrase.

Updating WordPress

In order to provide, the better WordPress security, always keep tab on the latest version of WordPress. Always update your WordPress and with the updating process, you are going to avoid some of the loopholes, which earlier WordPress Versions can have. Thus, in order to provide the best security, keep on updating your WordPress website.

Themes and Plugins

There are several themes and plugins, which are the prime source of the security attacks in WordPress websites. Thus, it is advised to pay attention to the installation of themes and plugins. Just go through the security check of the plugins and themes, which you are going to install in your website.

Protection through .htaccess

The File .htaccess can be a very powerful source for the hardening of the WordPress security.  Use it effectively in order to provide better WordPress security.

Go through several methods of providing security to your WordPress as any loophole can be dangerous for your website in a serious manner.