First Aid is a vital skill that I feel far too many people are untrained in, unaware of and are put off sometimes by a few costly training courses, along with the reasonable expectation to keep those skills topped up with repeat sessions, Basic first aid can mean the difference between life and death – and yet so many people do not know it,

A Red Cross survey showed a staggering 59% of deaths from injuries would have been preventable had first aid been given before the emergency services had arrived on scene.

As I know everyone wants to be a good citizen, but not everyone enjoys going out on a course – I figured that I’d suggest a few useful videos to indulge in for 2019, You never know when this information may come in useful, and might save someones life.

Here’s some basic’s to get yourself clued up with,

Resusciation Council (UK) has advise on CPR along with suggested training courses.

FirstAidforLife Emergency Checklist – for anyone responsible for safety of children.

Lifesaver – a mobile game/app that can also be loaded in a computer browser that teaches essentials.

NHS First Aid – Tips from the NHS on CPR, Recovery Position and incident handling.

“The lowdown on what to do if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation”

Thanks to BBC Three supplying online content you can enjoy the ‘How Not to Die‘ series on YouTube,

How to Not Die: Season 1 videos –
E1: How Not To Die From A Stabbing.
E2: How Not To Die From Electrocution.
E3: How Not To Die From A Cardiac Arrest.
E4: How Not To Die From A Cycling Accident.
E5: How Not To Die From An Acid Attack.
E6: How Not To Die From Ecstasy.
E7: How Not To Die From A Dog Attack.

So that’s season 1 covering some serious scenarios and how best to handle the situation you may be in,

And then The Modern Rogue done a Rapid Response Week series of videos that are also amazing and cover some more general first aid topics,

Rapid Response Week: Controlling Bleeding – Managing small and large bleeds, bleed types.
Rapid Response Week: Choking – explains itself.
Rapid Response Week: CPR – restarting the heart, everyone should learn this! – every minute is vital.
Rapid Response Week: Burns – various burn types.
Response Week: Car Crash – helping in a car accident.

Now, go get learning some basics and if you feel you understand them – get yourself down on a First Aid course – there are plenty about, from community / council organised, work trained or private training. There’s also plenty more videos and resources online.