Twitter marketing is increasing in popularity each week with websites wanting there Twitter cards posted online to re-marketing and Twitter Analytics now coming to light in a big way, so let’s take a small spin on this with a bit of harmless fun from a fun tool called Sleeping Time!

There’s a lot of tools out there that will show you when your fellow followers are most active, but have you ever wondered when they sleep? ever wanted to find out if those tech bloggers really do stay awake 24/7?

Where and What is it?

The amazing website known as ‘Sleeping Time‘ allows you to try and guesstimate when your twitter followers normally goto bed – why not say Goodnight at a suitable time or catch them with a relaxing article right before bed? knowing your followers is key to engagement,

How does it work?

Sleeping Time will fetch the last 1000 tweets of a Twitter user and then determines the approximate sleeping schedule based on the time when he or she is least active on Twitter.

There’s no rocket science involved but lot of people say that the results are pretty accurate. We only index “public” Twitter profiles and will never post anything to Twitter on your behalf.




This post isn’t technically a growth hack but I can certainly think f a few useful things this information could provide and could be used to market more broadly across the day by reversing the results, or maybe you’re trying to get the attention f a specific person – are you posting at the right time? I’m sure you can think of other ways of using this data, even if it’s nothing more than to amuse you for 5mins!

Why not use it today and find out when your followers sleep? or maybe look up a Celeb, Blogger, Youtuber and find out when they sleep!