What is Growth Hacking?

A marketing technique to increase the sale of the Products or to improve the exposure through

the use of the analytical thinking, creativity and various other methods can be called as Growth

Hacking. Growth Hacking is a very new phenomenon in the market, which is highly beneficial in

the Competitive market for several entrepreneurs and several marketers.


Aim of Growth Hacking

The Growth Hacking is quite different from marketing. In fact the one and only aim or goal of

the Growth Hacking is ‘Growth’. There is no other aim and no motive of any Growth Hackers

and their world starts and ends with ‘Growth’. Thus, we can say that the entire focus of the

Growth Hackers is in only one obsessive thing ‘Growth’.

Techniques in Growth Hacking

There are several different techniques, which the growth hackers utilize in order to carry out

the operations. These techniques can be in the form of A/B testing, content marketing, search

engine optimization and website analytics. What the Growth Hackers utilize is the new and

innovative ways to the promotion, which are quite different to the traditional way of

marketing. With the various methods and frameworks, the main aim of all highly skilled Growth

Hackers is to relish the opportunity towards the better sales of the Products and better growth.

The Growth Hacking involves the use of some low cost ways which involves some kinds of Viral

Marketing in place of several other methods of advertisements, which are high cost. Thus,

Growth Hacking is the term, which involves finding some innovative and indigenous ways for

the growth beyond any boundary.


Good Growth Hacking

A good Growth Hacking is entirely based on two types of growth with one as being ‘Rapid’,

while the other being ‘Steady’.

Slow Growth Hacking involves the steady method of Growth Hacking where the Social Media

Platforms, comes in use for the purpose; while Rapid Growth Hacking involves the rapid

method of Growth Hacking where the temporary and highly exploited ways of growth are being

adopted for the sole purpose of gaining the growth.


Growth Hacking Process

There is a definite Growth Hacking Process, which most Growth hackers seems to follow to

ensure the best result. The steps can be in the form of the following,

  1. Define Actionable Goals
  2. Implementation of analytics to the better implementation of goals
  3. Hold on the existing strength
  4. Carry on the process of experiment
  5. Optimize the experiment
  6. Repetition of the process

For the better results, the growth hacking process needs to better guide the customers so that

they reach to the ultimate goal. The Growth Hacking needs to allure Customers and then

activate them and even retain those customers. Thus, this step is just in the form of a funnel,

where the process of getting visitors is too difficult, as they have wide area, but once they

enter, the process to better guide them and the process of retaining remains.

With the better Strategy and better planning with the involvement of some new techniques,

the Growth Hacking can be highly beneficial to businesses.