3D Printed Ice Cubes are amazing for any relaxing drink or formal get together, they will make you want to finish the entire glass just to check out the cubes before they melt,

3D on the Rocks by Suntory is an innovative way to enjoy whisky!
“Savors your whisky with a beautiful ice creation in your favorite shape, forged with the latest 3D technology.
Whisky produced with the finest craftsmanship together with ice made with fresh spring water.
Come, delight yourself in the art of Japanese Whisky.” – 3drocks.jp

They are created using fresh water and designed using Audodesk 3D and crafted using CNC machines, the originals are hand crafted and can take up to 6 hours each to carve, Check out all there works in the gallery at 3drocks



I now fancy a drink, darn it! – unsure if I can wait so long to craft an ice cube but I certainly want to drink out of a glass with a iced shark, a slightly random post but trying to put items up that I discover and find really cool,

Found via Mashable