WordPress Security Basics

WordPress Security Security should be at the utmost priority for any website owner. With most people not focusing high on any kind of security, the chances of their website being hacked increases and thus their websites are more vulnerable in comparison to those who took all measures for better protection. …

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Fixing WordPress Insecure / Mixed Content in Posts

Brower Green Bars and Padlocks

You’ve installed your shiny new SSL Certificiate (about time!) and you’re website is not showing the widely recognized green safety seal of a nice secure padlock made of grass or jade or something, As you are already aware that, you’re doing your users a disservice, damaging Google Rankings andand in …

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Happy April Fools

Today as any other on the Internetz is a magical one, it’s the one day you should really avoid the news if you’re gullible, Happy April Fools Day! My favorite this year was certainly the Backwards Google at https://com.Google and the blast from the past was given by Amazon.com showing off a …

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Setting up Automated Scan Email Results


Getting Email Notifications from Software For the more secure admins whom administer any type of *nix system, having automated scans locally is usually a very good idea and is normally performed once the server is initially setup and continually through it’s life-cycle. Today I’ll show you a simple trick to have …

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Postfix Queue Monitoring With Mailgraph

This post quickly describes how to install Mailgraph for use with Postfix, I needed a good way of seeing the emails sent and bounces in a quick and easy way for a customer who requested email sending of 1million emails a day, This seemed like a challenge I could get …

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Playing Cards for Geeks

Code Deck

Code:Deck are an awesome set of cards just for Developers, SysAdmins, Web Designers – and just about anyone else who has to tinker with some kind of code – as the website slogan says “Playing Cards. For Developers, By Developers”, They are made from a chrome matte paper and feel …

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